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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's coming. Just wait and see. Come and be here for it. China Blue is what I hope you feel with me . . .  the willow and the ridge. China Blue is true characters drawn together on a world stage, and one sings to the other, in masked style, . . . .  "O my love, China Blue, I promise you. I'll be true to you." It starts in the very beginning with two comets racing through space and time toward a second floor apartment in a city down south of Seoul in Taejon, ChoongChungNamDo, Korea. And when they meet in the air, rather than head on collision, there is a synapse created, and the songs flow between the two who are only just starting to learn how to be true. Tales flame out setting their hair on fire; they start trail blazing. They become clowns (Gwangdae, Namsadangpae) dancing on a hillside in poverty discovering a rich soul flash point ignites them body and soul. Two spirits sing with one voice. And it is finally written down. Here is the beginning of the record of the fire that burns until nothing is left to sift through the ashes. No Sari relic for a burial in an ancient urn. Only love living on after the impact. Love remains. Heals the pain. This is the story of a love that dies so another love can live. So sit back, watch the fusion of souls fan out in atypical ripples from what starts out in two hearts born on two separate sides of one turning earth; one with roots in the Middle Nation of China's rivers and ancient folk tales and the other in Carolina Blue sky curving over rolling Cherokee and Piedmont hills in the United States of America. Curious?  The music is coming. The songs pound out the story of a love so true, and a conflict so sad, eyes are welling welling and hearts overflowing with desire find a way ahead in telling what may be something you like like extra extra, you can read all about it. I want you to hear it on your own; feel it in your soul. And have an experience of a holding of another kind, a second grace. Amazing. I ask you wait for just a little bit longer, then come back.  Soon and very soon you will watch the fireworks from a distance. Hear the drumming coming closer. Witnesses. All right. 4th of July today. Good time to compose a freedom song in 2012. A New Musical. Been longing to do it for a long, long time. Now it's coming. More than a lullaby. An entire libretto called    China Blue.  It's almost here. Coming closer now. Almost here. By Chaz Hill. China Blue.

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